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Opinions On My Research Project Idea Please!


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Hi all, having flitted from idea to idea when trying to decide on a suitable action research project i think i have finally cracked it and just thought id put it on here to get some opinions on it.


As i work in family support i have considered doing things on play, etc but my heart hasn't really been in it and as its such a long project i thought it should involve something im passionate about so here goes.................


The aim of my research project is to research whether we are inadvertently excluding families from a black and minority ethnic groups in a rural community with the provision of universal groups as opposed to groups targeted more specifically to families individual needs.


What do you think??? does it sound do-able?



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sounds like a huge project to me


although i would say pretty focused


when we did ours we were told not to make to too broad, or gender or ethnis based as it was hard to find articles etc.


but i would say that it is an interesting project


think about


could you do a broader project researching which groups do not attend and why reather that specific races?


have fun, it is a hard one do do, took me ages to do mine and i focused on one aspect of phonics and parents input

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We have also been told not to make it to broad a subject so i thought identifying those barriers to participation would be a fairly focused topic as long as i don't go off a tangent!

I will be focusing on groups not attending so that would include all families coming under the umbrella of BME groups really.

Its something im very interested in so hopefully will make all those hours trawling through journals etc a bit easier!!

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.


Yes we do have a large number of families from numerous races and cultures that are not attending any of our universal services so i thought it would be interesting to find out from the families what they feel the barriers are and whether what we consider to inclusive, really is so.


I work for a national charity within LA children's centre services so inclusion, diversity etc is a large part of the work i do.

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Hi Rach, I think its sounds really interesting, and quite a big project, so you will need to think carefully about how you are going to go about it?


So for example do you have representatives from the BME community who will be happy to share their experiences with you? It may be quite a challange to get their views of they are not accessing services already, if you see what I mean.


I do think you are absolutely right to go for something that you are really passionate about, and Im sure we will all be interested in what you find out.

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I wonder if a better focus might be to ask how we can encourage BME families to access services in rural areas? The idea of setting up separate groups seems both divisive and financially probably not feasible to me. That might give it a more positive slant and allow you to improve on uptake of the family services in your area. Just a thought.

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