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Hello everyone,


I am a teaching assistant in a mixed age classroom {YR and YR1/2}. We have been following the Letters and Sounds but are now going to be delivering the Read, Write Inc to alll children.


I have recently attended the two day Read, Write Inc training course. I now feel extremely pressured to deliver this successfully to the children because of the expectations are so high - time and pace. I also think that children will be stripped of their individually and feel quite sad that this is reverting back to "old school" {sat at a desk and being taught and not doing}


*How does this fit into the EYFS - interests, time, attention/concentration


*Where is the creativity through the literacy, stories etc


*Grouping- having enough staff, SEN, one-to-one tutoring


* It appears to be based on the "average/normal" child and hasn't taken into account SEN, individuality, culture etc


These are just a few of the thoughts I have at present. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this training and maybe how you implement this into your practice/schools.


Thank you

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I have delivered Read, Write, Inc (the ditties) to a small group of Year 1 children who are struggling to read. The sessions are far too long and far too much is jam packed into them. I manage to keep my children engaged by doing all sorts of things, e.g. get into your rocket, put your super spectacles on, physically holding the sentence, fireworks, the lot! We lie on our tummies for speed sounds, on our backs for speed words. We only sit at tables for the hold a sentence, the rest of the time we are moving around.




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In our settings that use it they have discovered that there is less of a focus on application and their EYFSP scores in some instances have dipped as a result.


Like any system it does what it says on the tin but there may be elements you value that are not included.


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Thank you very much for your replies! It mean a great deal that others feel the same!


I have yet to implement this to my group yet as we are starting after this half term due to not everyone receiving the training.


I am not confident in delivering this to the children at all as there seems to be so much to take in and there is a right and wrong way that it should be taught!


The sessions do seem far too long, especially for FS and it's very interesting in the dip that you have noticed! I wonder if this is due to this training being far too structured and not following the interests of the child!


On a more positive note, i suppose it is what you make it! But there doesn't seem much room for this!!!

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