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Sorry if this is a question which has been answered before - I thought i knew the answer - but a converstaion today has made me question myself!!!

Can 2 TA's be asked to cover for a teacher in a Rec class???


In our school only those employed as TA 3 or above can cover for a teacher. They also have to have access to the teacher's planning.

TA 2's can only work with small groups not whole classes.

I think this must be current gudelines for our head to organise it like this.

Hope this helps :o

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Hi there in response to your question I am classed as an LSA and regularly do the role of cover supervisor in reception and year one most of the time with another LSA but at times I even do this alone. I am a qualified NNEB nursery nurse but I am not employed as one.

I never really know about the legal aspect of this but I am willing to do it for experience as I want to teach eventually and presume the head and school must be covered otherwise it would be to much of a risk.



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Guest Pebble123

I would like the answer to this too !


I think they should be level 3 and I think its only meant to be in an emergency not as a regular thing. Im not happy with the amount of time my class spends without a teacher per week due to PPA cover etc.

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ratios are 1:30 and the PPA arrangements are the same as any other infant class. As long as they are working under the supervision of a teacher (ie there is planning etc to direct their work) and all the other caveats linked to any PPA cover then it's OK.



"The EYFS does not place ratio and qualification requirements on reception classes in maintained

schools provided they fall within the legal definition of an infant class (i.e. a class containing

pupils the majority of whom will reach the age of five, six, or seven during the course of the

school year)2. Such classes are already subject to infant class size legislation: an infant class

must not contain more than 30 pupils while an ordinary teaching session is conducted by a

single school teacher3. See page 17 of the Practice Guidance for the Early Years Foundation

Stage booklet for further information."

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