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Introducing Parents To Eyfs


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Hi there, I am having an Early Years foundation stage forum to introduce my parents to Nursery.


I will be discussing how and what their child learns at Nursery and giving them examples of learning- introducing them to the developmental stages of the EYFS and the areas of learning. I will talk about the value and importance of outdoor play and providing examples of how they can support and extend their child's learning at home


I thought I would begin with a questionnaire to find out what the parents know. I thought that I would write simple statements and allow them tick whether they agree/ disagree /unsure to get an understanding of what is known already.


A few examples I have so far are;


' Nursery school gets my child ready for big school!' ( this is one of my bones of contention, I really want parents to understand that learning begins from birth not when my child starts 'big school'


' It is important that my child learns outdoors'


'etc etc.


Can anyone help me by suggesting any other preconceptions etc etc that I need to unpick with parents or any statements I can add to the questionnaire, or has anyone done anything similiar before??


Will happily attach when it is complete for others to share if of any use


thanks :o

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How about something to do with "process not product", and parents not expecting to see a piece of artwork every time their child attends? And along those lines, maybe something like "When children are actively learning, they often get messy!"

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What about creativity takes many forms, not necessarily with an end product. What does that mean? and give examples. This helps parents fully understand the processes and skills developed within activities and equipment. How many times do you hear an adult say as they collect their little one looking at the folder "did you not do anything today".

Good luck and let us know how you get on :o

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Hi Lotte


Sounds like a great idea. :o


I am looking into parent workshops / training evenings atm, so it would be great to hear what feedback you get and how the session went.





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