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Hi everyone,


I am currently doing a module about Govenment policies and it would be great if you could help me out with any of these four questions.


1. What effects has Government policy had on the stucture of Local Authorities?


2. How do you think this has changed on how people work?


3. What are the implications of multi-agency working at this level?


4. What are the challenges/pitfalls?


Thanks! :o

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Hello and a warm welcome to the forum.

You have certainly begun with some interesting and big questions. I think that it might help if you were to narrow down these questions for us so that any responses could be more focused. Each question is so broad that it would require a very long answer to do the question justice.

For example the question on LA's is difficult to answer as they are responsible for so many areas of life from bin collections, to policing, social care, education, parks and gardens etc. etc. If you are specifically addressing early education then perhaps you could ask what the effects of government policy are on how the LA structures and services its early years provision across the private, voluntary and maintained sectors. How do different groups of practitioners feel they have been affected since the introduction of EYFS? Mind you that is probably a piece of research in itself. Another way of doing this is to ask yourself exactly what you wish to know, and then list the questions you would need to ask to provide the answers, and make a questionnaire. This needs to be appropriate to the response group you are targeting .

Wishing you lots of luck with your module. :o

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