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The end of last week the children in my reception class, turned our train station role play corner into a vets. i got all the stuff out of the cupboard we have on animals and nipped to the local vets who where very generous. On Friday the play dedeveloped further with the children becoming the ill pets themselves. So friday completely changed the role play into a vets.


Just wondereing if anyone has any good ideas of activies or how could develope this interest in vets/ pets?


We have already talked about our pets and if anyone has had to take their pet to the vets!


Thank you


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Our pre-schoolers love Hairy Mclary at the Vets. could anyone bring in their pet? We had parents come in at the end of the session with about 20 mins or so to go, with a child's guinea pig etc. and showed the children how to groom and feed etc. You could have set up beside your vets an animal grooming parlour.


Pets that we have for different purposes - guide dog, working dogs for the deaf, police dog, Superdog (t.v. prog ours talk about), pets that can talk, where some of these animals originally come from in the wild may be.


Missing pet (make posters etc.) People who look like their pets - must be some on the internet!!!

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Guest tinkerbell

We turned our computers on to our local RSPCA site withthe animals wanting a home ,the children scrolled down looking and talking about them.


we took the whole class to the vets ,a bus ride away.The vet was brilliant and showed us all the machines etc


Or could you invite the vet in?



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