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Next half term I will be looking at dinosaurs with my FS unit. I'm going to intergrate this with growing and spring time. I've got a few ideas but need lots more.

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Hi Oli


How about Dinosaur Land?


Set up your sand tray or what ever you keep sand in ready to make a prehistoric land or you could could bury some fossils, bones, stones etc and excavat them. Give the children a camera and let them take photo's of what they find. You can help them make a ''Prehistoric findings'' book.


A good book to read is Harry and the Bucket of Dinosaurs


Here are some links from the Under 5,s website which I use a great deal.


Here are some songs I saved from the Early Childhood website


(sung to "Glory, Glory Hallelujah")

Submitted by Jen

I love to stomp and chomp and romp throughout the land

I love to stomp and chomp and romp throughout the land

Oh, I love to stomp and romp throughout the land

How I love to be a Dinosaur

Oh it's great to be a Dinosaur!

e for puppets and one for spot the difference.


Five Crazy Dinosaurs

Submitted by Sarah

5 crazy Dinosaurs sweeping the floor

1 got swept away, then there were four

4 crazy Dinosaurs chased by a bee,

1 got stung, then there were 3

3 crazy Dinosaurs playing with glue,

1 got stuck, then there were 2

2 crazy Dinosaurs out for a run

1 fell down, then there was 1

1 crazy Dinosaur acting like a hero

He went out to save the others, then there were zero


Dinosaurs Lived Long Ago

(sung to "London Bridge is Falling Down")

Dinosaurs lived long ago, long ago, long ago,

Dinosaurs lived long ago, That's prehistoric!


Tyrannosaurus was very mean, very mean, Very mean,

Tyrannosaurus was very mean, That's prehistoric!


Brontosaurus was very big, very big, very big,

Brontosaurus was very big, that's prehistoric!


Stegosaurus wore heavy spikes, heavy spikes, heavy spikes,

Stegosaurus wore heavy spikes, that's prehistoric!


Triceratops had big sharp horns, big sharp horns, big sharp horns,

Triceratops had big sharp horns, that's prehistoric!


Pterodactyl could fly in the air, fly in the air, fly in the air,

Pterodactyl could fly in the air, that's prehistoric!


All the Dinosaurs disappeared, disappeared, disappeared,

All the Dinosaurs disappeared, that's why their prehistoric!

The Dinosaur Song

(Sung to "The Wheels on the Bus")

Sub. by Bonnie

The brontosaurus had a very long tail,

Very long tail, very long tail

The brontosaurus had a very long tail,

When the Dinosaurs roamed the Earth.


The Tyrannosaurus Rex had great big teeth,

Great big teeth, great big teeth

The Tyrannosaurus Rex had great big teeth,

When the Dinosaurs roamed the Earth.


Here are a couple of art idea's




What you need:

Modeling clay

Yarn or string or shoelaces


What you need to do:


Get the children to mix up the clay and show them how to make teeth shapes. Have them put holes into the top of their finished teeth and then let the teeth dry for a couple of days. Once they have dried let your children string the teeth on to their yarn to make a necklace.




What you need:

Construction Paper



Any other art materials you choose

Great for using buttons beads etc etc....


What you need to do:


Trace around each child's shoe and let the children cut them out (help as required of course) Then let your children design their own Shoeseratops. Once finished you could display them in size order (MDevelopment) Who has the biggest and who has the smallest etc..



Well hope this gives you a start Oli


Hope you have a great time (wish I was there to play too) xD


Carolann :D


Just found this as well



there is a HUGE amount here Oli





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We decided to make our own dinosaur out of recycled materials.


Some of the older children conducted a survey: should our dinosaur have long/short neck, stand on two/four legs etc.


Once these decisions were made, our Early Years creativity consultant came and worked with the children helping them to turn their design ideas into reality. Then we papier mached it, eventually painted it and played with it.


We discussed what it should be called - one of the staff members named it Dink and it stuck. Dink the dinosaur was hauled around the nursery from pillar to post, and a great time was had by all.



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We did dinosaurs in our FS unit. The boys loved this topic and still talk about it now!!!!

We used Dinosaurs and all that rubbish- linked to a walk around our school what would the dinosaurs like/ dislike. Used digitaal camera to record images of likes/ dislikes and made a book. Also thought about using junk to make a recyled dinosaur- pteradactly made and hung above our dinoworld.

We created dinoworld- large background painted onto fabric, huge mudroc brontosaurus made, fabrics hanging from the ceiling etc and assorted costumes (mainly tabards made from suitable furry fabric etc, masks, tails made). After initial roaring period we introduced boxes for caves, blue fabric for water and encouraged fruther role play. Children loved the brontoasaurus (named) and cared for the dinosaur by feeding and wrapping her up.


I also used selections of walking with dinosaurs very carefully (mainly to give examples of the size and movements of dinosaurs, ideas for role play, what plants/trees looked like similaraties/ differences with plants today). I'm a total scaredy cat so played the video snippets without sound). The responses were amazing- total fascination and questions galore!!!!

Dinosaurs used in sand/ water (how many dinosaurs can sink this boat etc)


Children really enjoyed the volcano activity (make dough volacanoe shape add bicarb/ vinegar will have to check this and watch the eruption).

We also have those little dinosaurs maths resource used for many maths games and making their own games.

Wrote about favourite dinosaur books on speech bubbles and displayed around selected books.

Made clay fossils, hid in sand and recorded on simple maps. Used tweezers/ magnifying glasses to sort tiny 'fossils'/ seeds etc.

Made large ice balloons with leaves, twigs, dinosaurs in and watced melt. One boy in particular was fascinated and worked out how these amazing finds were made.


Fogot there are a fantastic range of fiction and non fiction books to use, also a couple of good websites ( Dinosaur Roar by Paul Stickland also has a website coming soon (not available in January when we did this topic)- will add these tomorrow if you want them.


Children were really stimulated by this topic and brought in books, pictures, web site finds, and fossils from home.


Hope this helps, I really enjoyed this topic



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Forgot to add it was agreat chance to talk about sense of time- can we see dinosuars now etc.



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Hi Oli


These are some of the books we used.

The Dance of the Dinosaurs- Colin and Jacqui Hawkins(lots of rhyming)

Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs- Ian Whybow and Adrian Reynolds (lots of books by these authors about the Harry and gives pronunciations which my TA loved, also very easy to provide props for reenacting story- small bucket and dinosaurs)

Dinosaurs and all that rubbish- Michael Foreman (lots of interst in the envirnmental aspects, quiet a long story for the time that I told it, so be familiar with the story and retell as necessary)

How do dinosaurs get well soon- Jane Yolen and Mark Teague (again afew stories with dinosaurs as central characters responding to everyday sitiuations, but seems American! lovely picture and children related to the situations well)

Dinosaurs after Dark- Jonatan Emmett and Curtis Jobling (lovely language)

My favourite Dinosaur Roar and also a counting book available (can' t remember trile as at school) Paul and Henrietta Stickland. Also website if now available at www.dinosaur.com

Meg and Mog and the egg (where Meg casts a spell and creates dinosaur eggs).

My best book of dinosaurs and My best book of fossils, rocks and minerals from Kingfisher.

I have to say that I found lots of dinosaur books with good pictures but difficult text in the school library. There were a couple that were brilliant simple KS1 books possiblu DK or Hamlyn but I weould have to check at school for these. They were great- 'realistic pictures' and short sentences using key words. Graet for modelling use of an index which many of my children were able to use quickly. Great opportunities to discuss differences between fiction and non fiction texts.


Hope these help and I will check the other non fiction books when I go back to school.


Enjoy this topic, I did!



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