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morning all,

can anyone tell me what the role of the h+s officer in their setting is please, what would they do on a daily /weekly / termly basis etc and what their responsibility is?


also if the h+s officer has noted and informed the committe of a concern and nothing is being done to address is -what happens next ?


if a h+s problem is recurring or is not being address who's ultimatly responsible?


if the h+s officer (who has been trained and has been appointed by the commitee) is not being listened to with regards to a concern -what happens next, as the h+s issue is not being resolved and is posing a risk to others?


phew !!

bit too early in the morning ...i need coffee !!


have a good day all !

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Hi, your committee is your employer and so have ultimate legal responsibility for staff H&S.


Your next step would be to get in touch with the health and safety executive, but I'd warn committee before doing that and document the steps you've taken to try to effect change.

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When we had similar issues we informed our DW, who intervened, and, in our case told the owner they had a legal duty to take our issues seriously. The DW then issued a dated 'action plan' that needed adhering too or the matter would be reported to the local health and safety executive, and Ofsted would be informed.

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