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Anyone viewing

Just tying to finish planning for next half term (-isn't it toooo long!) Any quick ideas folks for 10 in the bed to save me searching? Going to make number fold downs for M.D, and link to Friends of Jesus as not covering R.E. very well - bit brain dead with C.L.L, CR, P.D Quick replies would be appreciated as trying to get done soon.

Thanks a lot


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sorry Lynda I guesswe are al feeling the ame at the moment. the only thing that leapt (well slowly wandered) into my head was rolling in PR, things that roll/dont roll for KUW, and cookery involing use of a rolling pin!!


Hopefully someone else will be inspired to give you better ideas.

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hi Lynda,

we made a patchwork quilt picture with numbered animals to attach to the picture All children able to produce patchwork piece for quilt- different textures/materials etc.

Added speech bubbles for characters with rhyming words in same colours-e.g. ted bed, etc.

Acted out story -several times, children made ears/masks etc for different characters.

Role play, giant bed and selection of animals, props (and a close eye!)

Sequencing animals in order 'put the toys on the bed 'game

phonic propmt game using animals from story

Kim's game as above

Talked about bedtime routines, sequenced pictures, teatime, bath, teeth,storytime, bed.

musical instruments to tell/illustrate story,

10 finger puppets to acccompany rhyme

Make patterns with sounds, dink, bump and so on

Hope this helps,(I'm doing transport, planes, bikes and road safety help gratefully recieved) Barb

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Hi Barb

An idea we used when doing road safety. Children draw round their own hands and that of an adult, cut them out and stick them on a large piece of paper so they touch and add caption Hold hands when crossing the road".



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Thanks Barband Mundia,

Barb, off the top of my head for transport,

Books like 'The Train ride', (can't remember who it's by) It keeps repeating 'looking out of the window what do I See, what do I see, You could talk about children,s own regular journeys and what they see from a window,

Junk model vehicles, Take a bike in to examine how it works, Take circle of sugar paper and dab black paint round the circumference. Print a central sponge circle- black, and then use a silver wax crayon to draw spokes. Older children may be able to do observational paintings of bikes

Take clip boards out and examine car number plates, paint your own.

Make 'play cars' with larger boxes where you cut a hole in the bottom of a box and child climbs through this and you make straps to go over their shoulders. You can put 'silver foil' headlights on and number plates e.t.c. They love playing with these outside-even if they only last a short time.

Get tools out and play at the R.A.C. Story of Duck in a truck full of rhymes! and of course there's wheels on the bus, where you could do role play and use money, tickets, shopping bags, counting in 2,s for the seats. I haven't done a whole topic on this before but have incorporated it into other themes. I shall be doing it next half term I think.


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Thanks Lynda for all your ideas. Wouldn't it be great if the forum had planning packs?

They probably do and I just can't access them!

If not why don't we set up working parties to produce them?

(When I say 'we' I mean other people and I'll just buy the packs!)


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