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Ive been asked to pop into a local Childrens centre next week to observe how they conduct a under ones drop in session for children and their parents!


They asked me to help them decide on how to plan activities etc....so i was just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to advise them? I manage a day nursery so planning is slightly different.


The sessions are for babies under one and only for 1 hour a week, so does the Eyfs come into practice? do they have to observe the children as the parents are there? should the activites be based on the childrens interests?


Thanks in advance x

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Hi Bubbles00,


I work in a Children's Centre and run a baby group once a week for babies aged 0-18 months. The focus activity in our group always has a link to the EYFS. Popular things that we enjoy are water play, cornflour and shaving foam.


To get the paretns more involved we made discovery bottle one week and I think the parents had more fun than the babies!!! We used baby oil and glitter, shells, feathers, pom poms, sequins, wwater, food colouring, pasta, rice! Anything you can find works well.


We do observe children in our groups but the parents are aware that we observe children.

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Oh yes discovery bottles...this session is for under ones so i guess it might be nice to engage the parents aswell as the babies...great idea!!


How do you observe the babies in these sessions?


Can anyone think of anymore craft making ideas od things parents could make for their babies?

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handprinting using paints

clay hand prints

foot prints

making mobiles

photo frames ( we have done this by decorating a cd case on the outside and then putting a photo inside the case)

making photo books

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