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Hi all,


We are in the process of changing our learning journeys from files with six sections (one for each of the six areas of learning) to a scrap book type which should be more user friendly for staff, parents and children.


Does anyone have examples of letters to parents, info sheets to put inside regarding sharing of information etc. they would be willing to share. I have looked in the resources lib but couldn't find much.


Thanking you in anticipation


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Hi scottie

We have scrapbook style learning journals. As part of each individuals visit to pre-school, i show them a copy of a learning journey/journal in progress. Explaining its purpose, aims and ways of collating information about each unique child. This may include artwork, lots of lovely photos both from pre-school and home, post its, obs, book club sheets, development matters, favourite things they may have shared etc.

We also have a learning wall, info board for parent/carers to add post its to if they would like.

The learning journals are available for each parent/carer at each session to look at and add to.

This term we have also introduced using them more with the children so they can look at, share and add to.

I suppose you could show them at any induction process you may have at your provision.

I think you have to deliver them in what best suits your provision.

Please let us know how you get on :o

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