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Hello - not sure where I'm going here (but its not about painting etc...) but will have a go...

Recently had an inspirational educational consultant in to wk with us about how to develop our school. He said that some schools have abandoned the lit/numeracy hours (am receptn teacher in a primary school) and run their own school day according to their chdn's learning needs!! (sounds fab but little scary to me). he was encouraging us to be more creative with the curriculum we are providing and as long as we can justify why we are doing what we are doing and it is having positive effect it could be viewed as good practise.

Has anyone changed their school/curriculum and become more creative with it?What did you do and how far did you take it?

feel very interested/excited but a little nervous about possibilities - but not sure what they could be yet :o



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Hi Jacqui


I work in an Early Years Centre and I definitely prefer the way the foundation stage works compared to working in KS1 following lit /num strategies and schemes of work.

The information you were talking about is the Excellence and Enjoyment strategy (I think). I must admit I haven't read it myself, working in foundation stage and not in a primary school.

Search for excellence and enjoyment on google or other search engine and you will find the document itself (DfES) and hopefully lots of ideas that have already been done in schools across the country.


I hope this is of some help.


Louise. :)

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Hi jacqui? Have you come across Creative Partnerships? We are a developing CP school and there are loads of things going on that can help you to develop the creative side of school life. (We have linked this to how we deal with PPA time too)


If i can find a web site for this I wil put in a link

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