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Aarggh! 15 Hours


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Sorry just got to let off steam- I am finding these new hours a real struggle. I know many people prefer them but at the start of term I am already feeling tired, uninspired and at a loss as how to manage the best way forward for both children and staff. We do the 2.5 day option and find that lots of children are finding it difficult to cope with the long day let alone the huge gap in between one week to the next.

I am sure it is a 'give it time' situation but that doesn't help now when I am tearing my hair out. We are asking some parents to only bring their child for the half session or collect after lunch as the poor things are getting so tired or throwing hissy fits because of tiredness etc.

I just think that this government has not thought through the impact for nurseries attached to schools and the subsequent timetable- not to mention the impact on our budget of having to employ 3 lunchtime supervisors!

Sorry, rant over- just needed to let of steam- I think my keyboard has paid the price :o

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Hi Bridger

the day starts off at 8.55 we have family group time and then children can choose what they would like to do free flow. At the moment we play through till about 10.30 before all going out for about 45 mins before lunch at 11.25am. (we will eventually move into outdoor learning in a free flow but as yet we are getting them used to the routines indoors (coupled with staffing outdoors which is another issue entirely)

at 12.40 we resume for the afternoon session which is pretty similar to the morning where they choose what they wish to do the same or building on their interests from earlier. In this time there might be a focused activity for some children if they are ready for it. At 2.15 we break for a music session before having a snack and then home.

We are yet into our full stride of adult activities and the outdoor as I mentioned, but just finding it hard. I suppose change is never easy. How does everyone else organise their 2.5 session?

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Guest MaryEMac

I am sorry to hear that you are finding the new 15hrs difficult apple. We are now into our second year and to be honest we didn't find it that difficult to do. We opened from 9 - 3 on four days a week and 9 -12 on the fifth. The families access their 15 hours flexibly over the week. Some do three days (18 hrs) and pay for the extra hours, some do 5 mornings from 9 -12, others add lunch and go home after it and others come in at 12 for lunch until 3pm. The staff eat with the children, which we use as a social time and it has been mentioned in our school that the new intake are very good at the lunchtable. The hardest part was making sure that we didn't go over numbers in any single hour.

Hope it starts to get easier for you as the weeks go by.



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