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E105 Good Luck


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I was expecting to start E105 but I've changed my mind and instead of overlapping I'm going to do ED209 starting in Feb. This is mainly because I've got 2 maybe 3 ASD children in my new class and am doing some ASD training including a 15 point university course soon so have got quite a bit going on without overlapping too.


Good luck with E105 and I'll be keeping an eye on your posts in prep for when I do the course!!


Best wishes..

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I have also just started E105.... I actually did the old E115 back in 2007 but, can you believe it, I gave up just before the last TMA was due! At the time I had a lot on and couldn'y apply myself to it. I am soooo regretting not finishing it now!!!!

Have you studied other courses (or should I say modules!!!)? I have done E123, E124, E243, E230 so far. How about you?

Good luck everyone and keep smiling. We will get through it!


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