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Songs/rhymes For Getting Attention/quiet


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I wondered if anyone has any songs or rhymes they use at carpet time for getting quiet listening children. I found one '1, 2 3 eyes on me, 1, 2 eyes on you'. Does anyone have any others to encourage listening ears, bottoms on the floor, hands in laps etc.


I used to use 'show me 5' and we had a list of the five things to remind us but I would like a more catchy rhyme but am struggling to make one up.



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Sometimes my hands are at my side

hold hands at side

The behind my back they hide

put hands behind back

Sometimes I wiggle my fingers so

wiggle your fingers

Shake them fast, shake them slow

shake fingers fast and slow

Sometimes my hands go clap, clap, clap

clap hands

Then I rest them in my lap

Now they're quiet as can be.

sit down and rest hands in lap



I Wiggle

Wiggle the body parts as

they are mentioned.

I wiggle my fingers,

I wiggle my toes,

I wiggle my nose,

I wiggle my shoulders,

Now no more wiggles are left in me,

So I will sit as still as can be.


Two Little Feet

Two little feet go stamp, stamp, stamp

Two little hands go clap, clap, clap

One little body stands up straight

One little body goes round and round

One little body sits quietly down.



My hands upon my head I place,

On my shoulders, on my face,

On my knees, and at my side,

Then behind me they will slide.

Then I raise them up so high,

‘Til they nearly reach the sky.

Now I clap them – 1, 2, 3,



Ten little fingers

I have ten little fingers, (Hold up all 10 fingers)

And they all belong to me. (Point to self)

I could make them do things, would you like to see?

I can shut them up tight; (Make fists)

I can open them wide; (Extend fingers)

I can put them together; (Clasp hands)

And I can make them all hide. (Hide hands behind back)

I can put them up high; (Reach hands above head)

I can put them low; (Touch floor with hands)

I can fold them together, (Clasp hands and intertwine fingers)

And hold them just so. (Place hands in lap)



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Eyes are watching, ears are listening, lips are closed, hands are still, feet are very quiet, you should really try it - listen well, listen well. We point to body parts as we sing - to the tune of Frere Jaques.

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Everybody sit down, sit down, sit down,

Everybody sit down on the floor.

Not on the ceiling, not on the door,

Not on (add childs name) just on the floor.


Clap hands, clap hands 1,2,3,

Place your hands upon your knee.

Wave them high into the sky,

Clap hands, clap hands, away they fly.

(I use this with the children to get their attention in Nursery. By the time they have got to teh end of the rhyme they know to fold their arms and is a cue for them to be ready).


We also find wind the bobbin is quite effective in the Nursery


Hope these are useful I'll try and think of some others we use.

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Sitting quietly, sitting quietly

at story time, at story time.

Listen with your ears, looking with your eyes

thinking hard, thinking hard.


Put your hand up, put your hand up

if you want to talk, if you want to talk,

These are our rules, these are our rules

at story time, at story time.


Sung to the tune of Frere Jacques (sp?). Again, pointing to body parts. Words can be change for carpet time etc.

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1, 2 waiting for you


3, 4 to sit on the floor


5, 6 you'd better b quick


7, 8 we're going to be late


9, 10 we''ll do it again.


I some time change the words if I can.


Last year we also decided to try to highlight good behavior by singing to the class:--


Teacher sings...... Poppys sitting nicely

class reply Well done Poppy


The kids loved it...... sometimes for get it doesn't work so well with the yr 6 pupils whencovering he he.

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In my pre-school we use' everybody do this, do this, do this, everybody do this just like me' as you're doing an action or 'follow, follow, follow me do, I do this, you do it too" with both of these we do a few with big actions and I always do one last one folding arms or just sitting still to show how to sit for story etc

Another one is 'open shut them, open shut them, give a little clap clap clap, open shut them, open shut them, put them on your lap lap lap'

or (to actions) "these are grandma's glasses, this is grandma's hat, this is the way she folds her hands and puts them on her lap"

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I say loudly

5 4 3 eyes on' me!

I also do the footballers 'clap( clap clap clapaclap) till everyone joins in then change to include different movements always ending up with hands on heads, then lips then folded. I like this one for use outside when I have forgotten my whistle!

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for mine: everybody do this & follow me do are sung, open shut them is said in sing song voice, as is grandma's glasses...you could obv swap grandma for different members of the family or people


forgot to add wind the bobbin up in different styles- wind the great big bobbin up (with crash crash crash) with v gross motor movements-the bigger the better is v popular!

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