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Hi all I have just started an new job in preschool and they have circle/group time that we plan for our groups and I am looking for ideas, the children as we they are only 3 and its their first week they are finding it quite hard to sit and focus so any suggestions will be most welcome.

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Guest jenpercy

I wouldn't try yet to do anything - just play some games and keep it very short. concentrate on getting them to sit down and then get them up again BEFORE they start to fidget.

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a short story, songs, game, short and silly often helps as well.. - they should never be very long anyway at this age..


use props, puppets, give them one to use in the story...


simple game


music instruments... something to make a noise with at certain times in a story...


interactive story where they can make the sounds or finish the repeating sentence/rhyme..


I always enjoyed doing things like the bear hunt as a clapping rhyme, got them involved


songs, ensuring there were ones they knew as well as the new ones to learn.. make a song sack (bag with a toy or item to suggest a song) so they can choose the next one as a reward for singing/ joining in listening- ensuring all do something well so they can all choose one!


will return if I remember others...



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My children started last week and they struggled to sit even for a minute during our group snack time to begin with, little ones kept getting up and wandering around!

It only took a few days and they now sit with our reception class for their milk but I don't think I'll get them to sit on the carpet for anything other than a short story as they don't seem ready. I'm new to Nursery so am hoping this is the right strategy!

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We have a group welcome time at the begining of the session where all we do is

a welcome song

thedays of the week the weather and who the helpers are for the morning

celebrate any birthday

and the children can show anything they have bought from home

lasts 10 mins


we have group story time but we do this in 3 small groups as this works much better and this is where we do letters and sounds


this times are the only times in my setting where we are all sitting

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