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Buzz And Toy Story


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Hello ,


I am usually very creative in my thinking but I am trying really hard today and failing.


A large group of our children's interests this week have centred around playing with a buzz Lightyear figure they found in a box of assorted figures. It has been very popular and has fairly encourages them to share -but I can't think of an activity we could plan to extend and move them on - any ideas ?????



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They are good ideas from KST, and you might explore the Toy Story story of Buzz's friendship with Woody - at first they really didn't get along and how they became friends in the end.


If the children are old enough could they make a short video using their action toys, make up a short story with them while one of them uses a video camera, we are pre-school, and I actually do the filming on my normal digital camera, the children like to see themselves playing with the figures or puppets.


Could the children make accoutrements for Buzz to wear for themselves from recyclable materials. (Ours liked Ben 10 some while ago and we made his omnitrix watch thingy, using a cut down kitchen roll and stuck on coloured plastic bottle tops etc.) the boys were very enthused at making them for a while. Doesn't Buzz Lightyear have a "blinky" red light thingy! supposedly some kind of weapon?

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