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Generations / Families Theme Ideas


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Hi all,


Just wondering does anyone have any arts/craft ideas for generations/families as I am tearing my hair out!


We are doing this theme for 2 weeks and I am planning for the second week.


In the first week the other girl has already went through grandad, granny, mum, dad etc and got the children to paint pictures of them, plus she has also made a family tree and got the children to bring in pictures and stick these onto it.


I am at a loss as to what I can do, and I need about 3/4 different craft ideas to cover the week!!


Any help is greatly appreciated!


Pam x

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How about...looking at babies? the children could bring pictures in and compare them to what they are like now! you could turn the role play into a baby unit/ clinic for the week etc....


For a craft idea you could make a photo frame for a family photo???

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Hi could look at their own families and then families from around the world. Explore customs, celebrations and how they differ. Baby photo gallery can the class guess who they are.

Could they research the year they were born, and the year of a family members birth date, what was special, did any major events occur, whats changed and then make a scrap book of all their findings.

Will keep thinking minds gone fuzzy.

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