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Fantastic Pancake Recipe!


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Hi All


Used this today with Nursery children on their first day in school (see pictures here!) Have made pancakes hundreds of times before I wasn't sure about the 'faff' of separating the yolks and whites and 'beating to a peak'!


But the language we got out of it and watching how changes occured to the ingredients was brilliant!


Try them!




3 large eggs

115g/4oz plain flour

140ml of milk

a pinch of salt


How to...


Separate the eggs

Add everything to the yolks (apart from the salt) mix into a batter

whisk the egg whites to peaks and add salt

fold the egg white into the batter


It should look bubbly and the thickness of double cream


Pour small 'blobs' into a heated pan.


When the top begins to bubble - flip!


If you want to add flavour, sugar or fruit do it before you flip.


They are really good!




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I think I might make these at home, never mind with the children :o


They sound fantastic and I'm definitely going to be cooking something with my class fairly soon, but I don't think there is a hob in school that I can use with the children so it rules out pancakes sadly.

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