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My school is 40 years old next week and our Head would like all classes to do something for a little display linked to it. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do with Reception.

I had thought about school dinners, clothes and 'what I would like to be when I am 40'


Any ideas would be great.


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Have you got old photos of the school...take new photos and play spot the difference


Get the children to draw pictures of what they think the school will look like in 40 years time


Have a birthday party and make party tea....sandwiches and cakes etc


Have fun though whatever you do :o

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One school celebrated their 40th Birthday with a 70's fancy dress day!!


Another had a competition where the staff (those old enough :o ) took in photos of themselves 40 years ago to be identified. 40p a go. a prize for the winner and the money raised went to charity.


Enjoy your celebrations whatever you do!



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