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Hi all,


Just a quick query really - Does anyone know whether the Foundation Stage has the same Stepping Stones and Early Learning Goals in Wales as in England?


( I work for a company that develops KS1/2 & FSP record-keeping and report-writing software - Classroom Monitor and we are aiming to launch a Welsh version of the software shortly)


If they are different, can anyone point me towards finding in what ways they are different? (a web location where the Welsh objectives are listed would be ideal!!)


Any help much appreciated,


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Hi Chris.

Im sure our Welsh memebers can help us out here but I think the Welsh Fs currcumlum (whichwill cover age 3-7) is still in the pilot phase until 2007??


Somewhere I have a copy of the proposed framework, as soon as I locate it, Ill add it. I think the areas of learning are the same aprat from the addition of one which is to do with bilingualism and multi cultuire.

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It would be good to learn a bit more about the FSC in Wales. What do you think the chances are that England will do what Wales have done and extend the Foundation Stage to 7?


And what will the effect on pre-schools be when this 'goes live' in Wales, I wonder?



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I wish I knew more about the Welsh foundation stage. I trained at the University of Wales, Swansea back in 1998-99. I taught reception in a rural school in the Mumbles and taught Reception and Year 2 in schools in the middle of the town. These last two were old Victorian infirmary buildings with high ceilings and large windows and lots of stairs to get to whole school assembly - actually doesn't lead itself much to inclusion but I have such fond memories of the classes I taught in these diverse schools.


I am Welsh (South Wales) but Welsh was not taught when I was in Primary in 1980s. Took Welsh as an option in Uni (I have a certificate of competency Level 1 - Welsh for trainee teachers) and taught some Welsh(colours, numbers, a few songs, PE lessons, taking the register, general classroom commands). Many schools in South Wales tended to have a peripaetic teacher for specific Welsh lessons (particularly KS2). I believe Welsh is now compulsory from Nursery to age 14. Most schools now seem to be offering Welsh A level (which was unheard of in my area when I sat A levels).


We were taught about the National Curriculum Gmyraeg - Cymraeg Ail Laith (welsh second language) and followed a programme of study in schools for KS1 or KS2 (focusing on oral, reading and writing). We focused on exploring the role of incidental Welsh in the classroom and school situations and paid particular emphasis on the programme of study for oral work, using the communicative approach to the teaching of Welsh as a second language.


It is a shame that historical factors have had such a negative impact on the Welsh language. Rapid industrialization, the decline in people attending chapel and more English families moving to Wales coupled with English being seen by Welsh gentry to have a higher status/more importance added to a dramatic decline in the Welsh language in the 19th century. I think it was only in the 1993 Language Act that Welsh was seen to have equal status with English, hence now every road sign etc being in both English and Welsh.


I strongly agree with the need for Welsh to be an integral part of the Welsh National Curriculum and the new foundation stage and it should be as deeply embedded as PSED is in the English foundation stage. Welsh teaching and the Welsh language should be visible through every strand or cluster of learning in the foundation stage and I hope it is! I know that many non-Welsh speaking families are choosing to send their children to Welsh medium schools as they understand the importance to their children's overall development for them to grow up as bilingual or multilingual.

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Some good webistes to try - Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales



Welsh assembly websiteclick here


Also try these attachments:

Copy of the Desirable Outcomes for Children's Learning Before Compulsory School Age - first published in 1996 but revised 2000. This will become out of date I guess as the foundation phase 3 -7 will be introduced to all schools by 2008.


Information on the Foundation Phase.


(Hope all that worked properly)




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