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Hello all


I am after a bit of advice as not sure what route I should be taking. :o


I am starting my Foundation degree in Early Years and I really can't wait to start.

What sort of path would I take to train as a Nursery/Reception teacher after completing this.


I have had a look on the university website and there are lots of different routes such as nqt/qts/gts/ so not sure what is the right direction.


I need a bit of direction as otherwise I could end up going around the houses to achieve my dream.


Please help me.


AM x

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What a wonderful dream to have and you must be raring to go on your Foundation Degree working towards one of the best jobs you could have.


The qualification route you would need to follow would be one where you would complete your foundation degree, up that to a full honours degree and then take one of the routes to

QTS - Qualified Teacher Status

NQT - is a newly qualified teacher in their first year of teaching during which they are still

assessed to ensure they are suitable.

GTP - Graduate Teacher Programme is another route where you get a job in a school and train

whilst working. These places are hard to come by.


The best place to read about all the alternatives is this site... at present! There may be changes to all this in the future.



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Hello I thought I would reply as was in exactly the same place as you not knowing what was best to do'

I did my foundation degree in children and young peoples services and I am now topping it up doing my BA in education whilst working in a school.

It does seem like a long route and a steep hill to climb to achieve your dream but it will all be worth it.

I plan to apply for the GTP this September.


Good luck with your foundation degree and just keep your end goal in sight, you will have achieved it before you know it. :o



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Hi there. I also did a Foundation degree in learning support and then topped up to a BA in education. I then did a SCITT (school centred initial teacher training) course which gave me QTS. I am now in my 3rd year of teaching and just love it. It took ages as I did my foundation degree part time while still working and also the top up part but Im glad I did! Good luck with it!!

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Thankyou for your replies. It's very confusing to know what path to take.

I have been told by some previous students that I can do my BA top up and also do the EYPS at the same time (side by side)


AM x

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