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Helpful Book In Essay Writing?

Lucy P

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I am starting the Fda in Early Years Management next month and am beginning to panic as i received my enrolment pack today!!


I remember reading about a useful study guide on the forum a while back but cannot find the topic!


Can anyone help me with recommendations about study guides you have used? The last essay i wrote was in 1990 and am thinking at the moment i am not up to this academically!!!


Many Thanks

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Don't panic you will be able to access support at Uni.


When I started the FD they suggested we buy The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrell which I found had useful tips in it.


Good luck! You won't be the only one worrying I found my classmates were very helpful and supportive and we helped each other through it.




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Hi Lalaloulou


Thanks for that!


Yes that was the book i had read about before, just had a quick look on amazon and found some other titles in the series which look good too.


Off to spend some money!!!

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