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We're in the middle of looking what to do next Autumn with the new intake from Nursery.


I have heard rumours that there is to be a pre-profil to feed into the profile.


At the moment our nursery assesses to the stepping stones, which means in September it either means us transfering all their records onto our profiles, or just reassessing the children again according to the profil statements.


I think I'm right in thinking that the first three scale points in each of the 13 areas are what's expected for a child to have achieved by the end of Nursery.


So basically, we're considering how it would work to have the Nursery assess to these first three scale points on the profile during the summer term, so that when the children arrive in Reception, we have a very clear picture of where each child it at according to the profile. Meaning we won't have to reassess and we won't have to transfer lots of data from the stepping stones to the profile.


We don't even know if we're allowed to do this. What does everyone else do? does anyone know any reason why we wouldn't be allowed to do this?

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I work in Manchester and we have a LEA record of achievement (R of A)that is broken down into stepping stones and includes the profile points. We use this to enter what the children can do within the first half term at nursery (in yellow). I actually do a slightly more detailed baseline, but it is useful to put it onto the R of A. The child's achievements during nursery are entered (in pink, just in case you are visualising this), and there is space for comments. I think the powers that be imagine that I enter things each half term, but I don't. My own assessments are more detailed and I store them for the whole class in curriculum areas, which is handier for looking things up eg how many children still need to practice holding a pen. So, I tend to update the RofA's at the end of nursery, but this still gives my reception teachers a really useful start. They enter achievements during reception (in green) and by the end of the year the whole record shows where the child is up to on the profile. Obviously some addtional assessments might be done at the end, but we don't use the paper profile book, just the eprofile. Assessment is always hard work, but this does seem to avoid unnecessary duplication. I guess one word of caution is that you can't assume that a child knows the same after the six weeks summer holiday as they did before. Hopefully.... they learnt something!

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h there.

I had also heard the rumours of the pre profile but unless anyone has ore details, i think they are just that at this stage. I dont think you can assume that children will have completed the first 3 points in the nursery year as it was never intended to make the steppng stones for nursery and the ELG for reception.


Therefore you could expect some children to be acheiving some ELGs in nursery and conversely, some not acheiving those stepping stones until later on in reception. So personally we dont start completing the profile until reception, and the teachers build on the profile they receive from nursery and add their own judgments, looking out for major discrepancies that do happen sometimes.


This seems to work well for us, the reception staff have a starting point form us in the nursery, but they have to assess the children themsleves but that is usually done after they have settled in in the autumn.

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Hi Horsechestnut,

I work in Manchester too. You don't have a copy of your slightly more detailed baseline that you could/wouldn't mind attaching do you? (just out of interest-I think we need a way to show value added)

Also, do you have a copy of the ROA in word format? I tried to attach it the other day but I think its been scanned onto the disc and its just too big to attach. Magenta liked the look of it so I said I'd send her a copy.

Thanks a lot :)


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Hi Zim,

Now I look I realise our baseline is not more detailed but just gathers the bits we want on one page. We don't sit down and ask the poor child a whole load of questions! The sheet stays in the group area for the first few weeks the child is with us and is filled in mainly by the key worker as she gets to know the child. Other staff can add bits and the final bits of the jigsaw are 'filled in' in games and activities.

I haven't got the Rof A in word. I find the whole framework document to be a bit unfriendly to computer people. Maybe you have to buy it?

Hope this is helpful.



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Thanks Horsechestnut, I've just asked you a question in another forum but basically I get the impression that your reception teachers use the eprofile as well as the ROA-am I right?

Thanks again :)

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