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Preschool Running An Out Of School Club


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We are luck enougn to be moving to a new site in the local primary school after christmas. At that time we are also going to take over the breakfast club and start an after school club.

Can anyone give me any advice about what this will involve with things like policies, planning, training, SEF etc?

Or even suggest some useful information available from anywhere?


The other problem is that the breakfast club is currently making quite a big loss so we need to find some way to make it more successful? So any suggestions about that would also be fabtastic.


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You could try the Out of School Club Alliance (just Google it). You have to pay a fee to join, but then you have access to tons of resources and info on policies, documentation, planning etc etc. Good luck!


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look at 4children it was kids club network they have advice there is a membership fee

has your local FIS got a playwork/extended school co-ordinator? they may offer advice and training

you have an advantage in that you have EYFS trained staff which ofsted would be looking at.

we do both and adapted our pre school policies to include our after school even our registration forms are the same welfare requirements are the same for all children

take a look at the requirements on the ofsted web site

our breakfast club is less busy than our ASC parents often want just evenings

most importantly check out other clubs what they charge etc you need a good pricing structure web sites are a good place to start

recently our authority had some grants for start up of ASC and holiday clubs perhaps there are some in your area.

good luck with your new venture


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