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xD hi All!!


I was so happy to c that there are so many OU students? Guys i m confused .I m doing U212 (this is my 1st course).Could u tell me how will u prepare to write tma? i know we r not allow to copy the texts but how will u write :o ?


Doing full time and looking after family. have the spirit,Love job , love to study ,love family i want to do everything.............



Any comments welcome



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Firstly welcome to the forum and congratulations on your first post :o


With regard to how to write a TMA - I found the best way was to read the detailed guidance for each TMA and follow it carefully. You need to reference to the course material but you are right in saying you can't just copy the text. The OU take plagiarism very seriously so careful referencing is essential.


I haven't done U212 so can't give specific comments - but in general terms your TMA should have an introduction, main body and conclusion.

Hopefully someone who has done the course will be along with some sound advice

good luck with your study

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My advice is to use expamles from your practice as much as possible. I usually started with a quote eg 'The early years foundation stage states .......................' then follow it with an example.


good luck just passed E115 starting E215 in October.



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I'm doing this course at the moment and my tutor doesn't like you to talk about yourself and your own personal opinions she says you shouldn't be saying things like my experiance..... i think....... and thinks like that instead it should be evidence has shown......


I think the most useful thing would be to attend the tutorials if possible and find out what your tutor expects because from experiance they all want slightly different things


Hope this helps



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