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Any Ideas What The Ppa Cover Teacher Can Teach?


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Hi everyone,


I would love some suggestions really. Basically the teacher who covers the whole school's PPA doesn't really DO anything when she is covering the FS classes....apart from stick in sheets from other year groups or mark KS1 and KS2 books!!! Even when we give her simple tasks such as practice the chn's names she tends to do the H.A. ones first and then she runs out of time before she gets to the ones who really need the practice.


She specialises in Geography (and I think History). Any suggestions? I really don't want the nursery nurse to bear the brunt of it all when she is covering. Thanks

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Buttercup, I am moving this into the schools area.


However, I think you really need to bring this to the attention of your SLT/HT. as you say, your NN should not have to cover in this way and even if your PPA cover can not do anything sensible for you she should not be marking books!

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I work in nursery (I am the NNEB) and when the HLTA covers the teacher, she goes with the flow and knows that what is going on in nursery is often dictated by what has gone on the day before or during the week before (she covers on a Friday morning)

The staffing ethos is different too I think in nursery where the teacher and I are both leaders of the education going on in there.


However, when she covers for reception she does whatever "work" the reception teacher has set her up to do.

She isn't in there to sit and to do nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a TA in there who knows the job and the children very well but still, it is not her job to run that session of PPA time


I think the person covering PPA time Buttercup needs a good kick up the bum (sorry!!!)


If you have tried talking to her about how her time covering reception or nursery is managed and she still does nothing then you need to go higher. She strikes me as someone who does not acknowledge the importance of early years!! Perhaps she feels its enough to be a spare pair of hands in there! Maybe she feels inadequate too where EY's are concerned.

Whatever her reasons they need exploring and sorting!!!!

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Guest LornaW

Ditto Susan and Scarlettangel what I would say is that when she is covering PPA make it free flow child initiated time and she has to PLAY with the children.


What a cheek and what a lazy person getting paid a teacher's salary and then marking it is disgraceful!!!!



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My PPA teacher does music with mine (well a mixture of music and movement type stuff, singing and playing instruments), although music is her specialism. It works well as then my class can access our class instruments in the CI time, but have had focused teaching from someone who is good at it!!


However, for the rest of the afternoon, she does tend to do her own thing while they 'play' - I don't mind them playing in the slightest but really wouyld be better if she joined in!!


I will have an extra hour a week out of classroom from sept (SENCO time), and this hour is to be covered by another teacher (who is going to do the KS2 PPA) and she is happy to do CI with them which is great as it is tricky to 'give' her a subject area as in the rest of the school. However, I know she will play with the children!

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