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Happy holidays to everyone!

I wondered if anyone would be able to share their examples of their 'All about me' and 'ourselves' topics for the first term in Reception.

Thank you

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Hi happy holidays to you to.

I will watch this topic with interest as it's also our one at pre-school when we go back.

Possible ideas for us so far: Pictures of themselves self-drawn and handprints with paint, usually for front cover of learning journals, a photograph of each child taken by another child in the group,family group pictures of families around the world. A opportunity to talk to keyperson about what they like or don't like, any fears, this is normally achieved at circle time, but can be any time during a session, notes taken from them can be a starting point for our new children based on child's interest.

Looking at ourselves in the mirror, hair and eye colour, length of hair, colour of hair. Draw around each other using rolls of wallpaper and then colouring in our unique features, then display with names. This could also expand to favourite clothes, colours etc.

Cooking "me" biscuits.

Various books fiction and non fiction on me and my family.

Songs/ rhymes

Any other ideas would be gratefully received. :o

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If you go into resources (left-hand side of screen) then topic support - there's one on 'Ourselves' - it has links to other things too - if I remember rightly. Good luck

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