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008 - Promoting Child And Young Person Development


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Hi again. As you can probably tell im not very good at doing this course, im currently signed off work so i cant get in to get any help and the big world wide web is very confusing really. I was just hoping someone could point me to maybe some spercific websites or links on here, id really appreciate it. I feel like im going to bank my head agaisnt the wall.


Task A. Understanding how children and young people grow and develop is essential in providing appropriate childcare services. Give a written explanation of the expected holistic patters of children and young peoples physical, communication, intellectual and learning, social, emotional and behavioural development in each of the following age groups:

• 0-3 Years

• 3-7 Years

• 7-12 Years

• 12-16 years




Thanks Guys :o

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EYFS stages of development?

I may have misunderstood you. I'm sure I once came across a book, by a lady, about children's stages of development...quite a well known one...so well known I can't remember who it's by! Someone else may know. We hope...

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