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We have a new foundation stage opening in September which include 2 teachers, 1 nursery nurse and 1 teaching assistant. There will be 30 reception children and 25 nursery who are only there in the mornings. I would be grateful if anyone could help with the timetabling of a unit such as this. I have only run a reception alone before this and as we may expect OFSTED soon want to be up and runing quickly Thanks

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Hi imy, are you starting from scratch, are you an existing reception class now adding a nursery, or were you separate classes now wanting to join?


There are a few things yu will need to think about and this will include looking at the room layouts..are you having 'home' bases' for example, are there separate places where you might have the children apart for sections of the morning; how accessible it the outdoors; are there any constraints that HAVE to be fitted into your day (eg assemblies, PE slots).

All of these will shape the way your sessions look. When I ran a unit (many years ago now), the chidlren came in and went wherever they chose after self registering..this was great for settling in as siblings often stayed together. Then reception children would take themselves off for a more focused activity at around 9.30 ish. We sat in family groups for snack which and set rather than free flow cafe style. After snack, (about 10ish) family groups had family time (now key person time)..it would be short and snappy. (10 mins..reception may be longer). We would then go outside and free flow until about 11.15 , come back in, nursery chidlren would have story and then go for lunch at 11.30, reception would then have another focused activity until their lunch at 12.


It sounds quiet vague, but we did work on an 'ish' basis, they were rough times based on what we doing.


Im sure other members working in units may have a different approach.


I must just add though, everything we did, we did for a reason, so we didn't have a carpet session and formal register on arrival for a reason. Time spent thinking about how and why you want to do things is time really well spent.

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