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Dc2 Form?

silver genius

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Hi all,


I'm hoping you kind people out there can help, we have just had a visit form big O last week, and it came to light that i'm going to be stepping up and taking over from the current leader, the inspector informed me that i need to have a sutiable persons interview, but before that need to complete a form stating that i am taking over as leader! she thought it was a DC2 but said the numer as now changed!!


can anyone enlighten me what the new number is! and is it a long process, we break up at the end of next week!!!! and im supposed to be in post when we come back..


Ive searched ofsted site but not sure about the title she said it was called applying to be manager of a setting!!! no such form..


Found a EY2 is this it??


Thanks in advance



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