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Relocation Within A School


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Hi All


Can anyone give me some advice.

I am currently leasing a room within a school to house my privately run pre-school.

The school until recently was an infant school on the site adjacent to a junior school. The two schools have amalgamated and now need me to move from my current location so that they can build to join the two schools together.

Problem is that the proposed classroom for my relocation is set at the opposite side of the school where there is no natural light both in the classroom and the outdoor allotted space due to massive trees covering the area ( which are protected) and also the position being set back in the shade. The whole area is gloomy and dismal and not conducive to prospective parents, staff and the environment appropriate for the children to spend time in.


The communication has been vague and limited with the needs of the school staff etc being put ahead of the pre-school. They are failing to grasp the needs of the pre-school both as an outstanding setting offering quality provision to on average 75% of the schools yearly intake and as a business that needs to be able to attract new prospective parents.

My voice alone is too small to be heard and the school appears to be closeted by the local council who are doing little to support the setting and are promoting the schools point of view that they need to release some of the footprint of the school in order to build the connecting building and therefore the location being offered ( which is bigger than the current space) will suffice.

I have asked for all other options to be explored and have recently spoke with a governor of the school. I have also sent a letter to the architect but the local council told them not to reply cos they would handle things. Where do i turn now????

Sorry it's long winded and may not make sense, but i hope someone can offer some ray of hope for my pre-schools future.

Pleasssseeeeee x

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Just a quick question, you don't mention whether this is a temporary or permanent change so I was just wondering which it was?

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sorry not my area of expertise but


can you get your early years worker on the case?


is there another better location within the school ? what are there reasons for you not using it?


as you are private and not "part" of the school i guess they can pop you where is best for them and the school will come first i am afraid.


is this a temporary thing while the building takes place and if so where will you end up and will it be better?


i assume you pay rent? is there anything in your lease regarding having to move?


sorry prob not very constructive


if you have to use this area, can you paint in bright colours on walls etc to brighten it up? i would love to natural shade in my area is full sun and far to hot sometimes


watching the trees throughout the year will be wonderful


can the trees be thinned a little?

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