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Hello all


i am currently looking for a new play house (wendy house) for my outdoor area. I'd like it to be wooden and very sturdy. can anyone make any suggestions of where to look as i would like to buy something that will last a long time and is of good quality.


another issue we have is that we have a little boy with cerebal palsy, he will use a walker outside so i may need to consider how big the doors are?


thank you for any help and advice



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We managed to get one from our local garden centre when they were on offer - we contacted their supplier direct who gave us a good offer. Our only regret is that it is quite low, perfect for children but proves quite difficult for adults to get in, especially when we are putting material etc up - end up with stiff backs and necks!

Good luck, I'm sure you'll find someting suitable.

Green Hippo x

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we too went to local garden centre...


they were very good, had some we could look at a wide variety of styles,


we managed to haggle and got 15 % discount for being a charity.. plus free delivery for which there is usually a charge... and were lucky enough to have it same day as they were delivering in our area that afternoon..


we did have to get someone to put it together though... but again the garden centre recommended someone who came next day and gave a hefty discount for charity again...


all in all a good deal!


worth looking around local garden centres and similar places which sell sheds etc.. we are lucky to have loads locally..



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