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Hi Everyone,


After a bit of inspiration really from you all!


I have got two huge display boards in my setting, we don't generally have themes, my planning is based on childrens interests, so one week it could be space and the next it is farmers and their tractors!


I just want to know how you do use your display boards, do you make beautiful displays based on interests and then change the boards when the interests change? Which would be very regular!


I would like to have an Art Wall - where children display their own work, maybe I could combine their interests and their work with the theme! However I could be re-doing the boards every week.


I am also wondering whether I could make displays out of what we have done over the period of the last term


We are also within a pack away setting, so it is very difficult as we obviously cannot leave photos of children on view.


As you can see - I am slightly confuzzled and could use some thoughts!!!


Thank you



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We too are in a pack away setting too so I know how you feel


I do use pictures on mine but select ones that don't tend to have the children's faces on them.


We have themes though they aren't set in stone. We generally pick them around the children's interests and go with a majority. We currently have one board that is for staff. We have the EYFS poster on display along with a break down of how we as a setting meet the themes and requirements, we also have a name tag for each child on the wall so we can quickly see at a glance who has obs so we can update files.


We have a board that is made up from minibeast - majority of children were interested in bugs in the garden and so it become a theme, I find they can last longer than a week or so.


Our other board is a farm trip


And the one we are currently working on is a seaside themed one as most children have recently been away and are keen to share there experiences with each other. We have added a lighthouse - huge interest with 7 children, and yesterday we added shell prints which the children did and cut out along with seaweed too. We also got the children to do foot prints and the children then cut it up to make rocks. We always add the children's comments and who has done what. Some are more interested than others.


Before the seaside display though we had the children's versions of Goldilocks and 3 bears. They love to listen to the tape over and over again. We played the tape and then one at a time asked the children to retell the story and this was wrote down. Made a fab display and everyone commented on it. The children then decided to add their own pictures too.

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We have had an art gallery in the past and simply selected examples of the children's freely chosen work to display. We changed this around about every 2-3 weeks if there was something new to display. One thing we tried to do was frame the pictures with bordette and asked the children to give the picture a title which was also displayed.


Other than that we have displayed photos of the children in their play. We are also a pack away but we talked to the parents and they were happy to have the pictures displayed so long as their names were not put by the pictures. We are in a small village and don't have any issues over restricted contact to children/custody issues so it might be different for us. But it used to be the setting folklore that we couldn't have photos on display because of being in a community building and actually I could find no real reason for not doing so. The parents do love looking at the photos!

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I got some large cork boards and put to S shapes hooks in them and childrens picutes and work are displayed on this

these then hang on the radiaitors at child height


we even get them to make interactive boards by sticking art work on velcro which can be moved about

really good

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we too were Pack away but had display boards we could leave out and we could decorate the walls with pictures etc..


we used to display the children's work on one, yes it did change regularly but was an ongoing thing so over a week we would change a few, and ended up finding it rotated so over about 3 weeks the whole board changed. Children liked being able to contribute to it, and it was a definitely children's work on display which parents (and Ofsted) loved.


on another we had a learning wall... which was what we were currently doing in the setting... this started on one day with an idea and gradually grew over time.. we included children's work, pictures ( as said with permission and usually backs on show, not blurred faces.. we felt it was inappropriate to do this) we had comments from the children, we added what they were learning from the play... how the wall developed really depended on the children's interests and what we were doing.. it grew over a period of about a term (6 weeks) removing and adding as the ideas changed.


it sort of became part of our planning as it tended to end up containing all the information about what we weer doing, childrens interests and all sorts of things..

Parents had a part of the wall to add their own comments and could have input on what we were doing.. often found they had written about how children had continued something at home, or how they were so pleased to actually see and read what was happening at the moment..


I find it hard to describe and it didn't photograph very well it became a focal point for parents children and staff... and developed over time we started doing it one way and changed it to work for us.



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