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yes we have a few of these -

one is under a table with a small mat, cushions and soft toys , the table is covered on three sides with a soft cloth.

another is a small corner of the room that has just one chair in , cushions , soft toys , books - it has a voile going from the wall downwards to the back of a unit so it is at an angle ( hope you understand that)

another is a large bean bag with one of those cot drape things from ikea (sorry cant think what they are called) - again with soft toys , cushions etc

outside we have several small pop up tenst with blankets, etc in

also have a spare piece of wide material which goes from low window and is draped over a table and stuff as above inside.

all have soft blankets, cushions, and soft toys in them -soem are left like this others we put books in , or simple little puzzle type things.

hope thats a help x

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sorry - didnt put how these are used - children access these freely to sit quietly , to look at a book etc - others are larger and allow two children in - these are used for children to sit quietly , to chat to each other etc., - they are lovely for shy or new children who often like these as a strting point to the session - we alos founf that the eal children would use these to chat in their family language - please let me know if i can help you any more with this x

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