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Well update is that temporary manager has decide to take it on! Phew! So long as she has my support, the chair and TA at school. Between us all we aree updating record sheets, training, policies etc etc and have an action plan in place. Are updating 2 staff CRB (they have old social services letter) and getting all bank STAFF crb too. Question...manager had sent in crb to OFSTED ages ago along with health declaration etc. Nothing...she phoned last week..no they didnt get so sent her another to complete...nothing...thi is the way bto go for a manager isnt it? She fills oput the EY2 form like we did as committee? All other staff just get CRB check through capita or TMG?


We are thinking this has been going on now for 9 months!!! We think we may also just send in a crb check through capita for her so that she is covered what do you think>

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Firstly.. well done and hope it all works out for you... work together and it should be fine..


yes that is the way to go.. and standard form for them not to received it or claim not to... and then you have to pay GP again for second health check and send it all off a second time...


( we used TMG for staff .. Hubby worked for Capita for a while and hence we chose not to use them, issues there)


always send it to be signed for with proof of postage.. if needed you can track who signed for it at their end..


and I always kept copies of what was sent..


If you do CRB it may have to be paid for but at least you can say you have done everything if you do this..


keep all paperwork and proof of what you do , with time line etc and what has been done for when ( should I say if..) they ask and question it all..



Hate to say form experience 9 months is not unusual... chase them and it will eventually get sorted, leave it and it will remain forgotten... it took the setting12 months when I left to eventually get new manager checked.. when they realised they were there in 2 weeks!




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Guest Spiral

Hi there Marley,


I'm wishing you a smooth, more relaxing time from now on - been there and it can be so stressful just ironing out the creases.


Ofsted chnged a few bits on 1st April (not sure if it was an April fool)!


Here's the link to the updated EY2 (what a rediculously long link)!





There is other guidance which has been updated too - all on 1st April.


Hope it all helps,


Spiral....oh yes and totally agree with Inge, chase it all up to make sure they've done it at their end!

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Thanks guys..I just get soooo frustrated with it all.

Good idea about getting it signed for! HAve asked staff to get copies too.

Spiral the EY2 form was the one I filled out too! Mine all came back month after sending off!



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IF you are planning on using TMG ( may be the same for Capita) - be aware that they have produced a new form and won't accept the 'old style' CRB forms now -so don't waste time filling it out -only know because we had run out and my Admin Officer called them just yesterday, so you will need to ring and get the new one. :o

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