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I hope this doesn't open a can of worms!!


I was recommended to pull together a Staff Handbook to supplement our Employment Contracts. The trouble is now that I have sat down to look at this, it appears to me that the contents could be many and various! I feel it ought include our policies and procedures as the staff are expected to operate to them. It also needs disciplinary procedures, child protection bits, holiday entitlement, sickness reporting .............


Where do I start and where do I stop? Can anyone point me in the right direction please!

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We do too, also included is a staff "code of practice"




Thanks for that Peggy. What is in your staff code of practice?

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Basic rules such as;

No mobile phones on during the session ( we have a phone for contact).

Sensible clothing

No Jeans

procedure if absent

non discriminatory practice

No smoking, etc


It also states a can do..... list such as;

can arrive on time

can remember to wear i.d. badge

can remember to ask for i.d. at the door ( non parents)

can remember to complete time sheets

can support each other by......

can have fun

can obey the bosses every demand, (oops day dreaming again :o )



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Absolutely, they are sensible ( leather trousers) wipe clean so don't care about getting "messy". ( mind you even my best "going to a meeting outfits often get covered in flour, glue, dough, etc - who cares, I don't)


Jeans is a personal thing, I don't own a pair, and as I'm the boss, it's my perogative :D:o:D


My staff all tend to wear black trousers.



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