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Im Trying Not To Get Tooo Excited But...


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Well I know you will have missed me these ten days or so but I have been busy advertising and 'putting myself out there' so to speak - well handing out a few business cards here and there.

This week was getting used to my free time and feeling slightly better because I KNOW for a fact that my previous parent hasnt found a CM locally( poor little mindee) from the dragons ( other older CMs that I dont particularly care for) mouth - they sent him on his way after hearing my news !


Anyway... yesterday had an enquiry out of the blue ( not from my cards or ads but from shock of shock the gov.site ) from a single mum whom initially wanted holiday/after school cover for her DS but by end of conversation she is thinking of moving other DS too ( from a nursery !!!) to me !!. How Good is that !! ( nona I have had your badge on too !)

Panics on now as to what to show her and also what to charge ?? Daily rate or hourly ? the youngest she needs two and a half days 8 - 6.15 and the other DS is after school only term time and also holidays presumably for two and half days like sibling.


She is coming to see me this Friday so ladies after you have all stopped grinning with yoy what can you veritable sages suggest so I dont muck it up again? By the way she is unfamiliar with CMs and is a single young mum so I want to be not too brutal if you know what I mean. Oh and I do know that she was paying £95.00 for the days at the nursery - feeling sooo cockahoop (Sad isnt it and im full on with my own !!) :oxD:( :(

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Oh, waveawand, what great news!


You've got a couple of days to get your thoughts together and plan for your meeting, so relax and please don't let me see/hear "so I don't muck it up again" xD YOU DIDN'T (mini rant over!)


Personally I charge an hourly rate - I just find it's easier when offering half days and after school. You already know what she's paying so I'd suggest that you pitch your fees accordingly, but keep in mind what the "dragons" (every area has some! :o) charge, too - you don't want to price yourself out of the job!


I have a folder that I show to potential clients - photos of activities, weekly routine of places we go (toddlers, childminder drop in) daily routine, menu of snacks and lunches offered, my policies, public liability insurance, car insurance (including business cover) first aid and food hygiene certificates, details of training I've undertaken and references/thank you's from children and parents.


You won't have some of those (yet!) but it's never too early to start building your portfolio - you could perhaps include the Learning Journey you've been making for your own children?


Hope that helps - PM me if you have any other questions.


Good Luck!



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