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Interview For Foundation Degree At Huddersfield!


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Well it arrived yesterday looking very innocent on the door mat - opened it up and I have got an interview next Monday !!!!!!! I am officially terrified ( bit excited as well)





I haven't been asked to bring anything but they have said that 'the selection process will last about an hour and include an evaluation of a child, observation excercise as well as a formal interview :oxD:(


I enjoy doing observations so that shouldn't be a problem but not sure what the evaluation will involve maybe developmental norms? and by the time I get to the 'formal' part I should imagine I will have already forgotton my own name!


So I was wondering if anyone had any top tips you could share about your experiences of uni interviews (particularly at Huddersfield)


Although no horror stories please - I feel constantly sick as it is!!!

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Hi Vicky ,

I have just got my letter to do the top up (BA)so feeling a bit like you.

Dont know about Huddersfield but when I had my interview for Bolton Uni for foundation degree it was very relaxed and they just wanted to know about my work experience,age groups of children I had worked with and what I hoped to get from doing the course.

I did take a folder with all my qualifications in and they also asked to see a recent CRB.

Good luck, i think you will be fine, Unsworth

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Congratulations on getting an interview vickymck - there is tough competition for places and these things are never a foregone conclusion! Well done you!


I haven't any experience of Huddersfield but I imagine they won't ask you to do anything too difficult (like remembering a whole load of detail about what the developmental norms are for instance!)


Just be yourself and allow your passion for what your work shine through - they'll be interested in what you can bring to the party as much as whether they think you're capable of doing the learning!


I'll look forward to hearing from you on Monday about how it all went!



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