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Three Little Pigs


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Hi everyone,


I'm doing three little pigs next week and I'm searching for some inspiration! The children are going to build the pigs cottage in the role play area at the beginning of the week and also make some houses during the creative session. Has anybody done any other exciting things for the three little pigs??? :)

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I have a feeling this topic has been covered previously somewhere in the forum, but off the top of my head...

There is a fun musical version of the story in Kaye Umansky's book: The Three Singing Pigs, and there is a rap version in Big Bad Raps by Tony Milton. There is also a story about three bad pigs and a wolf, but I forget the title (it's a nice twist on the traditional tale).

The story lends itself to work on speech bubbles if you want to practise writing for different purposes.

In maths you could perhaps do some work on shapes and measurements by building houses with duplo?

K&U: compare the properties of straw, sticks and bricks? - what happens if you blow them? What happens if it "rains" on them? - can extend to floating and sinking if you want.

PSHE: hot seating activities - how do the pigs feel? How does the wolf feel? Stranger danger, keeping safe, etc




Good luck :o

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We recently did"Huff and Puff" art. The children put drops of watery paint on paper then blew it with straws. It was amazing how difficult some children found it to blow the paint!


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Thanks Inge, I thought I'd seen something before on this topic though I couldn't find it! I've been inspired all over again, off to change my planning !

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  • 3 weeks later...

About to do this topic after half-term! I've picked up a few ideas so thanks to all those contributing them.


I found some good songs and poems from US sites through google last year. We make a song/poem book for each topic with one or two additions each week for the children to take home. They decorate the front cover and the book lives in their reading folder. We make a large one for the class (the children's one is A5 format). We use it in music and for some guided reading activities. Very positive reaction from parents. Sometimes pages include a suggestion of an activity the children might like to do that links with the material. A very popular song last year was 'the Higgy Piggy' hokey cokey using snout, trotters, curly tail etc the chorus goes 'oink!, the higgy piggy, oink!, the higgy piggy, oink! the higgy piggy, hocks bend, trotters stretch, oink oink oink! Lots of fun and interesting vocabulary!


We found a website that had the old ladybird book as an ebook and used this on class computer with children and also in our IT suite. On the creative side we make lots of different types of puppets: paper bag, lolly stick, finger puppets.


This year my role play is going to be a theatre indoors. I'm hoping the role play house will work well in the outdoor area where we have a wooden hut/play house.


We are going to use junk modelling to make houses and thought of making a straw look by printing with cooked spaghetti. It's very messy but fun. You cook the spaghetti then use small handfulls in readimix paint and print it onto paper.




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Sounds like good fun and some lovely ideas, unfortunately in the Asian community in which I have been working, this story is a definite "no, no".

I do love houses and homes as a topic though!

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We have also done Huff Puff Paintings.

One was Huff Puff Pop Paintings, where we mixed paint or food colouring into bubble mix, after attaching paper to the wall outside, the children blew and blew their bubbles onto the paper to pop them!!


We did it on a really small scale with bubble painting the normal way, using pink and gray paint, to represent the colours of the pigs.


The 3rd way was to make 3 pots of varying thickness paint, and to see how hard they had to blow each one to get it to move!!


One was very watered down poster paint, one was "neat" and the other had flour mixed into it!!!


They loved these activities.


We also painted using straw and stick brushes, as well as different types of bricks (duplo, stickle, wood, interstar etc) to see the effects they all gave.


Hope this is of some use.

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