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Guest Spiral

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Guest Spiral

we have concerns for a child in our care and have made a referral. This has been difficult within itself, however, there are further concers for the safety of one of the staff as the family are known to be agressive and violent, yet live closely to the family.


What can the preschool do to protect it's staff?


Just wondering if anyone else has had experience of such a difficult situation.



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Hi Spiral,


Didn't want to read and run but can't really think of how to help. I would have thought it was a job for the police rather than the pre-school.


I understand your concerns and it isn't fair that protecting a child should put a staff member at risk but you can't stand guard over her house so you need to make sure that the police are aware and leave it to them I think. I suppose you could offer to buy her one of those alarms you have on your keyring and perhaps offer her company to and from work but that's all I can think of.

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