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Beauty And The Beast


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Hi this is my first ever post (even though i have been a member for a while now) so forgive me if this is in the wrong area etc.


Has anybody ever covered the topic - Beauty and the beast?? We are doing this theme next week, i have a few ideas but was hoping for some extra inspiration, any help would be greatly recieved!



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Hi genzii


Welcome to the forum and congratulations on making your first post :o


This is a good topic for lots of nice pse conversations.....circle time activities....what scares them....is the beast really scary....some people look different


Are you using a traditional story book or the 'Disneyfied' version?


Creative activities.......collage pictures of the beast.....get children to draw a beast of their own


Will see if I can think of anything else but good luck with the topic xD



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Hi Sue,


We are going to look at 3 different versions - disney, traditional and one version from a different country.


Thanks for the reply - keep the ideas coming. :o


We may carry it over a couple of weeks if it goes well.



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how about create your own puppets and do your own versions....could even create a puppet theatre/storyboard script etc.

design a castle...make roses....plant flowers .....create plaster beast footprints to follow/jump on...

she gets lost in the forest so maps?

what the time mr beast?

there's aclock in the disney version so time pieces?

great theme....i could go on forever.....best idea of course is always to ask the children they will always come up with more! :o

are you going to create a role play area...castle?cottage or woods?

hummmm (goes of muttering ideas......!)

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Wow! Thanks! Yes I have some of these ideas so at least i know i am on the right lines!! Love the map idea as my boys are really interested in this!! Going to turn the role play into a castle at the top and an 'inventors cottage at the bottom (her dad is an inventor) thought the children could make their own inventions??!


Thank you for all the ideas.

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while out walking dog had extra thought - what about a list of things for a beast feast(rhyme) or beast banquet ( alliteration) and of course spells as he was under a spell!

making magic potions? have fun! (all the best thoughts come to you while wlking dogs on a lovely evening!)

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