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Hi everyone,


I have finally finished my ECA and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend however I just got a message from my tutor saying that they would be checking that the signature on the confirmer form matches the signature on the EYCLO's. Mine doesn't my confirmer has changed her signature, only slightly but noticable. When I handed my EYCLO's in to be signed I also sent my original confirmer form and asked if she could sign in the same way that they were on the form but they are still different. What do I do about this????


I would feel really rude going to her and saying not good enough please try again, and it genuinally IS her signature, does anyone have any advice??


A very disheartened Rapunzel :oxD

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If they have contact details for your confirmer, I would have thought they would contact her, try not to worry, I expect every student got the same email from their tutors.

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Easy for me to say don't worry but I really think that when they check the signatures and perhaps find that they don't match they will contact your confirmer.


Here is a hypothetical scenario!


I am your confirmer and sign the original document as being your confirmer with 'abcdefg'

When they check this against your EYCLO signatures they find 'abcDeFG'

and think 'ah'

they then phone me up to check whether in fact I signed the original doc and the EYCLOs

I could say yes I signed the original document but haven't seen any EYCLOS, what are they?

a student 'could' have written a load of inaccurate information with made up evidence and got a friend to sign the forms or forged the confirmers signature.


This and things far worse have been known to happen! To protect students and the OU reputation they have to have stringent checks. There have been cases of students who simply did not have a PEF and there will always be the few that cut corners where they can just to hopefully get a qualification at the end, Unfortunately the majority have to pay the price for the minority.


In your case I feel sure that either the 'difference' in signatures will be accepted as a variation of the norm or there may possibly be a phone conversation with your confirmer and of course she will confirme she has 'signed all the way through'.


It is no personal refelction on you that these checks are carried out so hope you feel reassured.

You may feel better if you ask you tutor what happens if there is a difference in signature, yet genuine. I agree about not asking your confirmer to resign them all!

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Thanks for the replies. I have emailed my tutor and am waiting to hear back. It's soo frustrating, my tutor has actually commented about my confirmers signature before as it is just literally a sqiggle but I can't do anything about that, she used to sign where you could make out her initials but not anymore.


I'm sure you're right, they will just ring and check it's just another worry to add to the list, especially as my tutor emailed and said that they would be specifically looking at that.


Not a lot I can do about it now, it is my work, it is her signature, let's just hope it passes :o

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