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I've been checking out this myself. www.under5s.co.uk have an up to date events and festivals section under heading `Information` All arranged by months, rather good and a few links to activities too.


Hope it's useful to you



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I'm off to check this website - sounds great!

Maybe we could have a link Steve? :o


Which festivals do you celebrate usually in your settings?

We usually celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Eid-ul-Fitr, Chinese New Year and vary between Easter, Holi, Carnival and try to include something different each year e.g. last year we did Sukhot. xD

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I usually try to touch upon as many as I can, the ones you mentioned and also Hannukah, St Patricks day, Wesack, Childrens day, Harvest festival, Thanksgiving, St Davida day, Baisakhi, the list goes on. Also the usual, mothers/fathers day, Valentines day. With my own children this holiday, we have been doing things to do with black history month. I like to do a little something even if it is just doing a wordsearch or coloring picture and talking about it. Also like finding poems or stories about festivals too.

More websites for info are www.holidays.net and www.holidayfestival.com

www.coloring.ws has some great pictures to print out and colour on religious themes and this site also has some great pictures to colour of people and children with disabillities playing sports etc - look under the heading `Community helpers and people` Also you could try looking on individual culture websites such as

www.sikhs.org and www.torahtots.com(jewish)

My favourite website(and I think It's so marvellous I've subscribed to it to get ad-free printouts) is www.enchantedlearning.com click on crafts and there is a wealth of subjects to choose from, including loads of multi-cultural sections.

Have just bought a book `poems about festivals` and some faith stencils mail order from the festival shop and they are very good.


Hope you find some of this helpful


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Hi Sue -

The underfives site is already listed in the resources page - I wasn't aware they had an events calendar though, so I haven't mentioned it in the listing. It's one of those jobs we keep meaning to get round to but never get the time - putting cultural dates etc in our own calendar. Anyone want the job? :o


By the way - Hi Janie - long time no hear! You moved up North didn't you? How did the move go?


Regards, Steve.

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