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I've got to deliver some training for 'IntroducingEYFS' and was wondering if anyone had had some really good training recently which I could adapt. I've got info but need some fun and creative ways of delivering it!


I dont want to do all the powerpoint stuff, but want to really involve the students with some hands on fun as we would do with the children basically! ( if you see what I mean).

It can be ideas for any training really as I can adapt to what I'm doing.



Sunshine :o

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lots of views but no replies...


Think is you give a little more help as to which area you would like to cover, or what sort of audience it will be as this will all have a bearing on ideas..it really depends on how much you want to do, how long you have etc.


thinking about EYFS as a whole to me it means play based learning and learn from experience .


so with this in mind there is always the oldie but goodie, of splitting into groups, on has the real object ot thing, the other has to sit and listen to someone talking about it, and the third has a picture or plastic /pretend version of it.


we did it with bubbles -other resources could be fruit with a knife or some tactile object/ activity,can be done with anything really, bricks and picture of them to colour in...



each group was sent to play and then discuss if they enjoyed it how much they learnt from it, etc..


and then come back to report on it.. the upshot being the ones allowed pots of bubbles to play with had a lot to report but the others were less enthusiastic about them.


probably completely off track but it was always a good talking point..



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Thanks for the reply.

This is the sort of thing I am looking for really. I thi nk it is a case of understanding about how do children learn best. Your info was great. I want them to experience play. I may just give out also some sensory play activities for them to have a go at to demonstrate the fun of play.

Keep any experience coming if you all don't mind!!

Sunshine :o

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How about showing some of the videos and getting practitioners to talk about them afterwards, with the hope that they will show their observation/assessment/planning skills?

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Not sure if this what you're looking for!?


I took my 2nd year, level 3 student along on a Fun Outdoors course.


We sat in a tent to hear The Gruffalo story, then discussed how he looked and went off to find natural materials to make a picture of him on the ground!


Lots of materials were gathered and The Gruffalo took shape. The children had so much fun that they went on to build a treetop house for owl, a logpile house for snake and an underground house for fox :o


Both of us were really inspired and can think of lots of ways to extend this.


My student has started to make a journal of the things we've done over the past 4 weeks on the course and a book for the children to share with their families.


She's linked the Gruffalo activity to the areas of learning and been quite amazed by how it all comes together - it really has put the "principles into practice" for her.



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