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Hi evryone. I have got an observation from the head in two weeks. But I am having a real blank at the moment thinking of ideas. It needs to be an activity during child-initiated play time. It is based around the topic places to go, and be a creative or a physical activity for indooors. Also, it doesn't have to be placed around places to go, it could just be anything! All ideas would be appreciated!



Thanks in advance!!

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My year 2 son has a trainee teacher in his class at the moment with lots of great ideas. They went to school last week dressed in 'holiday' clothes and took a little case with them with holiday things. The day before they had visited a travel agency. Maybe the role-play could have brochures, Writing table could have tickets and hole punches (writing, CLL).


PD: could 'travel' to different countries in the style of different forms of transport. Different flags around the play area and cards chosen at random to represent train, car, airplane, boat. fast/slow.


I'm not a teacher so not sure these would work with larger groups but might do this with my little ones.


Good luck .



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