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We've got a vacancy for a couple of days a week, and manager gave me the application forms yesterday (Friday) and asked me to do the interviews on Monday - 1 applicant has recent UK childcare qualifications, so I know the relevance of those. 1 has overseas non-childcare graduate qualifications, so I can guess she'd need EYPS or a lower level to give her awareness of childcare issues...


But the other one has a masters degree in pedagogy from Poland - not recognised by CWDC as I guessed it wouldn't be, but I think all she'd need to bring it in line would be EYPS. Does anyone know?


And help today (Saturday) or tomorrow would be great so I can actually say to her in interview 'I've looked into it and it looks as though you'd need to do this for your masters to be recognised as a relevant qualification here...'


(Now to let my cousin be aware of this as she's thinking of doing her completely non-childcare related masters in Poland... Would be pretty frustrating to come back and find it wasn't recognised in her sphere over here!)

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People with overseas qualifications can get them checked and equivalency given by UK Naric here


Not sure how it would help in terms of their qualifications being recognised by Ofsted, but my husband got all of his quals ratified to access teacher training and there was no problem. He just need to do his English GCSE

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Masha you beat me to it, great minds eh?

Your candidate needs to get a statement of comparability in order to have a recognized qualification in the UK. The last person I know who did one said it was quite straightforward, coast about £50 and took about 3 weeks.

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Thanks all! I had a look at the UK Naric site, but you have to login to it... and I can't actually see a way to register to login to it (am probably looking with my eyes shut!). So I'll ask her if she has a statement of comparability and if not tell her she needs to get one.

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