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Just wondered what people would do if for example a few members of the staff team (not all) had to work extra hours one day related to admin or 'housekeeping' (not preplanned but necessary) and a committee member helped with that task for that period also - say a couple of hours....would you allow staff to claim overtime for the hours worked even though the committee member did it voluntarily?

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We didn't claim overtime when we came in for the weekend to move into the new building, so the committee helping wasn't an issue in that respect (they did get our tea and biccies!).


Hmm... if the committee member hadn't helped, would you question allowing the staff to claim overtime? If they'd have got it if the committee member hadn't been in, I think they should get it anyway. (If not, then it's a moot issue.) Maybe a bunch of flowers/box of chocs/bottle of wine for the committee member to say 'thanks'?

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I would pay my staff for this (FUNDS PERMITTING) and the committee member I agree with Trekker flowers/ wine or maybe a voucher as a thank you.

I always think if you look after your staff and any helper they will be there for you next time. (And there is always a next time in our jobs) We all like to feel apreciatated :o



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we would have paid staff , funds permitting, not having an issue with a volunteer helping as well, Isn't that what volunteering is all about, working for a good cause with no personal gain other than satisfaction.


a gift to the committee member? but then would you be setting a precedent for every time someone volunteered for a job. What about those who give loads of time regularly but it is unnoticed as it as at home or on their own.. could be a bit controversial .



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reward your staff and people who volunteer in my books pays you back ten fold

and people need to feel valued and useful

makes for running a setting much easier and more fun for everyone

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