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Our recent one was for 2.5 weeks and in general we decide based on how long we have got. We try to make sure we get an advert in a local paper if we don't have a long time and you usually find the responses from that come in a cluster and then die off. We always say we will readvertise if we don't find a suitable candidate.

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Two weeks.


We find by the time you have written the job ad., sent it to the paper, put up posters= first week, 2 weeks advertised = 3 weeks, circulate the applications to panel and shortlist(over a weekend), inform candidates on the Monday and interview on the Friday.

That is a 4 week process by which point the member of staff you are replacing has usually worked their notice. If your favored candidate is already working and has to give 4 weeks notice to her employer you face a month with one staff member down so you need to try and keep the recruitment process to as short a period as possible. 2 weeks in the paper allows for your dream candidate to miss it one week but see it the next!

We often feel the notice period should be 8 weeks otherwise you are left in the lurch for a month.

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Our notice period was 6 working weeks which often in reality gave us 7 or 8 with holidays etc , it is up to the setting to set the period of notice, it doesn't have to be 4 weeks. ( my husbands is 3 months!)


That said if the reason is from an issue or causes a problem with the staff moral in the setting, we did not usually hold staff to it.. Only if it caused major staffing problems, in our case it never did.. don't know how we managed that!


and as to advertising, in our case it often depended on responses , sometimes we had none : (



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I agree with Inge.....it depends on response. We advertised for 18 months on and off for a Deputy and nothing came of it :o


As for notice period it just didn't happen, everyone who has left just worked upto the end of that term. We don't get paid if we aren't in work so it really didn't matter to leavers when they finished, the only thing it could affect was their reference.

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