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Okay so I'm hoping you guys will be able to help me. As discussed in a recent posting I have been open a yr and had quite a high turn over of staff. Sending staff on training courses etc you know the usual, food hygiene etc, inducted them and so on. Only for them to leave 3 or 4 mths later with a full time job to go to or a better paid job doing somthing entirely different altogether e.g. to be a driving instructor and work in a bank. So my question to everyone is I now have the c.vs in front of me and am about to recruit again. Now my problem is do you go for the person that's best for the job i.e the one will the wide array of experience who is an employers dream. You know the ones that etc or someone you think will be loyal to you because they're local and have children of the right age so will appreciate the job so to speak and are more likely to stay. Probably a no brainer to alot of you but I think having a no brainer kind of a day.

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Invite them in seperately to play with the children, observe them discreetly and ask your existing staff to do the same. Then once they have gone discuss with your staff their thoughts, and go with your gut instinct. I have just done this and was 100% right - had my ideal before interviewing, interviewed and one interviewed really well so I changed my mind - long story but should have stuck with my gut instinct. When you speak to them during their visit and during the interview if you word your questions well you will get an idea of their reasons for applying and their committment to the job. We only open in the morning and its the people who want to work with children who are the ones who stay - not the ones who need the money to run a home.

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